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Our Mission

To make a “World of Difference” in the lives of our students and families measured by academic growth metrics.

Our Vision

To prepare students academically, socially and morally to become effective contributors to society with a focus on Real World Learning and career exploration.

Value Statement

At its core, Educational Solutions Company holds the following values and beliefs:

LOVE - We care deeply about the children in our schools and we create a trusting environment for our students and our staff to thrive in.

INTEGRITY - We are honest and straightforward in our interactions with our students, parents, teachers, and the community.  We model the values and actions that are essential to create strong and healthy schools.

COMMITMENT TO EDUCATION - We are committed to ensuring that all students in our schools are taught well and are prepared and ready to move forward as valuable contributors to the community.  We are a learning organization that is committed to being lifelong learners and instilling a love of learning in our students.

DEDICATION - We are a professional organization of dedicated, hardworking and exceptional individuals with a common focus on improving the lives of children through quality education.

PERSISTENCE - We believe that all children can learn and deserve the chance to be educated in a supportive and structured environment.  We are steadfast in realizing our vision of “Making a World of Difference."

SOCIAL CHANGE THROUGH EDUCATION - We take personal responsibility to prepare our students for a better future.  We know that education truly will change lives.

- We are innovative and utilize research and best practices to continually improve our teaching methods, our students’ results, and our school environment.

Why Choose Educational Solutions?

Is your child being challenged academically? If not, one of our excellent Educational Solutions Company Family of Schools is the perfect place for your child. We group children according to their skill level, regardless of their age. So if your child is capable of more challenging material, s/he will be sure to receive instruction in more advanced academic content.

If you wish for a rigorous academic education for your child, you should enroll your child in Educational Solutions. We concentrate on serious academic instruction all day long. All students receive at least an hour and a half of reading, an hour of spelling, an hour of English (writing and grammar) and an half an hour of spelling every day.

If you desire careful monitoring of your child’s academic progress, then Educational Solutions is the place for your family. We constantly monitor the progress of all our students in every subject, testing frequently to be certain students are mastering critical academic skills. We provide additional instruction until the testing shows your child has mastered the content.

If you want open and honest communication about your child’s academic progress, you should send your child to Educational Solutions. Our innovative reporting system gives your family specific information for each academic subject every four or five weeks. These reports show the grade level on which your child is working, test scores, homework scores, and the number of missing assignments.

Are you concerned about your child’s safety and security at school? If you are, then your child is in good hands here at Educational Solutions. We have a zero-tolerance policy for fighting or bullying. Children who persist in the behavior will be removed from our school. We have a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 15. This ensures that there will be no opportunities for children to get into dangerous situations or to have unsupervised encounters with other students.

About Us

Educational Solutions Company is a premier charter management organization that has served the Central Ohio community since 2001.  Throughout our existence, we have experienced great success in making a “WORLD OF DIFFERENCE” in the lives of so many students.

Educational Solutions Company manages four schools with a total enrollment of 700 students, serving Kindergarten through 10th grade that serve a diverse student population. Its performance with respect to student academic growth exceeds comparison schools; students routinely EXCEED or MEET expected growth as measured by the State of Ohio Report Card.  Their unique methodology of utilizing evidence-based educational practice and utilizing community ambassadors within their school buildings has served well in bridging language and cultural barriers for its diverse student population.