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Hear what current and former employees are saying about Educational Solutions Company

CC was marvelous! I felt welcome by the principals, staff, students, and teachers. The kids are sweet. One whispered, "What's your name?" I whispered, "Deborah." He said, "I mean, What's your teacher name?"
Ms. Rivera and Mr. Kane showed me how TESOL works in real life. Honestly, I learned more at CC than in the entire summer semester of coursework. The teachers showed me their lesson plans and shared their philosophy of teaching. Both are impressive in their skills and talent. Their hearts are wholly in it, and it shows.
I was so impressed by how much they know and care for each child.
I am forever grateful for this experience. It has made me a better teacher, and I will always remember their kindness.
Thank you again and again for allowing me to spend time in your school.

D.K., former student teacher

Midnimo has a level of support for first year teachers that is difficult to match.  Not only do first year teachers have opportunities to meet with their RESA mentor and plan with more experienced teachers, but we have numerous staff that provide support in the classroom.  This year we had first year teachers who:
1.      Started in the middle of the year and spent the first two weeks co-teaching with two experienced teachers.  He was able to see how a well-managed classroom runs, get experience planning, and gain rapport with the students before taking over sole responsibility of the classroom.
2.      Had a member of our TESOL support staff present most of the day to provide academic support. 
3.      Co-planned and co-taught a long-term social studies project on a specific world culture.   

J.S., Former Employee

Working at Midnimo Cross Cultural Middle School has been a rewarding experience. I was welcomed immediately with open arms by the staff, the administrators, and especially the students and parents. It was one of the easiest transitions for me to begin working as an ELA middle school teacher especially considering the fact that starting at a new school can be challenging. The staff was always helpful and the parents were very supportive. The administrators were very approachable and always willing to listen and to provide constructive feedback. 
A.G. Former Employee

I absolutely love teaching the Kindergartners at Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School!  I personally believe you can make an impact wherever you work. Our professional efforts should reflect our passions and positively impact our community, state, country, or even make a world-wide impact.  When I moved to Ohio in July 2019, Educational Solutions said they needed a Kindergarten Para who makes a "world of difference."  I realized this was my opportunity to be that person.  The majority Somali population at Cesar Chavez has expanded my knowledge and led me to appreciate their culture and reminds me of my time when I was a young child and attended a school in a foreign country.  I pursued my certification during COVID so I could teach Kindergarten at the school I love so much. 
J.M., Current Employee
Educational Solutions is a great company to work for.  It is a great company because it creates an atmosphere of educational growth and family.   The company is really diverse with the many cultures that students represent, as well as the diversity of teachers.  Teachers are allowed to present their skills to their peers and also allowed a voice on many decisions.  I could not see myself working anywhere else.
R.A., Current Employee

I have been working for Educational Solutions for 3 years and I have grown professionally with the intense training and professional development throughout the year. There are great staff and educators who are dedicated advocates for students and their families. I enjoy working at my assigned school EABG. The staff is very down to earth, knowledgeable and caring individuals. Even with the uncertainties throughout the year due to COVID19, Ed Solutions' staff have come together in a way that has been positive, fun and energetic.
R.R., Current Employee