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Educational Academy for Boys and Girls

Educational Academy for Boys and Girls (EABG) specializes in providing research-proven curriculum for its diverse student population from Kindergarten - 5th grade. EABG was recently honored by The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce by the Momentum Award for exceptional student growth!

Our School

Our school educates students in grades K-5 and is located on the near-west side of Columbus. We are excited to announce that the school received a "B" in student growth and an "A" in gap closing and is ranked in the top 10% of community schools in the State of Ohio. EABG named in the “Honor Role of Urban Schools” in the Thomas Fordham Institute publication “Poverty Isn’t Destiny”; an analysis of Ohio’s 2018-19 School Report Cards. EABG was also named a “2022 Community Schools of Quality” by the Ohio Department of Education.
Our focus is preparing each student for the 21st Century college classroom and career with a concentration in English Language Arts and Mathematics using a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. Our dedicated and amazing teaching and administrative staff provide data-driven instructional best-practices to our diverse student population to meet their individual instructional needs.

Our Education

We are proud that our multicultural student body has thrived and that the students outperform neighboring public schools significantly on achievement tests. We welcome you to tour our school to observe the 21st Century teaching and learning that takes place daily.

Our Students

Our students are provided with latest technological advances in instructional methods, including SMARTboards and portable computer labs. Valuable instructional visits reinforcing instructional content are provided by visits from COSI (Columbus Museum of Science and Industry). Moreover, the students are afforded the opportunity to reinforce learning by participating at the Highland Youth Garden project supported by The Ohio State University Master Gardener program. All students receive free meals daily.

Board Meeting Agenda

Educational Academy for Boys & Girls
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